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About submissions

Do you accept papers in languages other than English?

English, Hindi and French are conference languages. Please feel free to write your paper in any language you prefer. However, we do require that all submissions have an English version of the abstract. The principal reason for including an English abstract is to allow effective search and keyword extraction over all submissions.

Can I change my abstract after it’s been submitted?

If you would like to change or update your abstract, you may do so directly on the online abstract submission page until the deadline. (See How to modify your submitted abstract)


About grants

Are there any grants for students to present a paper at the Conference?

Yes, there are ten grants available on competitive basis for highly motivated doctoral candidates covering the registration fee, travel, hotel and meals. However, being a doctoral candidate is not enough to claim a grant. Only the authors of innovative research papers will receive any grants. (See "Grants" page)

I am not a doctoral candidate anywhere. Can I still apply for any financial aid?

Depending on our budget, we may be able to provide some financial aid to the authors of outstanding research papers. For obtaining any financial aid, your paper will have to be accepted for publication in one of our volumes. (See "Grants" page)

Can I submit my student status proof in a language other than English, French and Hindi?

Yes, you can. At inalco, we have language experts in more than 90 world languages.

When will I know if my application for a grant has been accepted?

The announcement of grants will be made once your submission has been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication. Hopefully, we will let you know our committee’s decision by September 20.

I want to submit my paper for conference presentation only, not for publication. Can I apply for a grant?

No. Unfortunately, the grants are available only for those submissions which have been accepted for publication.

I don’t need any financial aid. Can I submit my paper for publication?

Yes, we will consider all submissions for publication.

Could you send us a letter of invitation?

We can issue a letter of invitation to attend the conference only after your submission has been accepted either for presentation or for presentation and publication. Thus, as a governmental institution of higher learning, we will be able to issue any such letter in September 2015 only.

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